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Partials and Full Dentures

Partial & Full Dentures in New Jersey

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Dentures, either whole or partial, are one solution for dealing with tooth loss. A person’s self-esteem, health, and ability to do routine dental care might all suffer if they are missing all or any of their teeth. Dentures have been around for decades, and today there are many options for how they look and function. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a type of removable dentures. It is not advisable to remove natural teeth that are still functional, so a partial denture is frequently the best option for patients who still have many healthy teeth. There is a difference between a bridge and a partial, however often people use them interchangeably. Fixed bridges are permanently cemented into place by crowns placed over two natural, neighboring teeth, whereas detachable partial dentures can be taken out whenever necessary. Partials have a metal or acrylic framework with clasps that attach to the patient’s natural teeth.

Full Dentures

When all or most of a person’s natural teeth need to be replaced, full or complete dentures are a common solution. Upper or lower traditional complete dentures are available. In the case that the patient has natural teeth in their jaw that they would like removed, the dentist will do so before placing the dentures.

How dentures work

Dentures, whether whole or partial, have a gum-like base made of plastic resin that rests on top of the alveolar ridge. The artificial teeth that are fastened to this framework are designed to look and work just like real ones. It is crucial that dentures fit properly since they stay in place mostly due to the suction caused by the close fit over the alveolar ridges. When dentures are implanted in the upper jaw, the enormous surface area of the palate provides additional support, increasing the dentures’ stability.

Until the denture device settles into the space vacated by the teeth, it may be difficult to speak and eat normally. In time, the gadget will become second nature to the user, allowing for normal use of the mouth and its contents.

Reasons you might need Partial or Full Dentures

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